Construction Schedule


Construction Schedule


1)Take all necessary action to turn off all power to pool equipment, water features, lights and auto water fills. 2)Drain pool in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations. 3)BEWARE:Please be sure to notify us if you are on a septic system.

2-Chip-out / Clean Out

1)Normally we begin this process within 7 days following contract signing. A specialized crew removes the old plaster down to the gunite. Plastering to the gunite shell guarantees a permanent natural / mechanical bond restoring your pool to like new condition. 2)Shortly after the chip-out, we will prepare your pool for the plaster crew. Your pool is now ready for plastering.


1)If you are replacing any tile, this will be done before our clean-out is done and before plastering begins.

4-Plastering / Pebble

1)A plastering crew arrives to plaster your pool which takes an average of about 4 hours. When they finish, they will start filling your pool with water, except beggle which will be acid washed and filled the folling day. The pool area and street is then hosed off and all debris removed and hauled away.

Typical Schedule

A typical time frame / schedule from contract signing to plaster is as follows:

  • Drain Pool – usually within 7 days of contract signing.

  • Chip out pool 2 3 days from draining the pool.

  • New tile installed (if applicable) 2 – 3 days from chip-out.

  • Check chip-out 2 – 3 days after the installation.

  • Plastering the pool 5 – 7 days after checking the chip-out.

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