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BND Pool Renovations has been in business since 1991 and has plastered thousands Of pools during that time, Our experienced craftsmen. working With high quality materials, try to give you the finest pool finish possible. However, plaster is hand troweled and will never have a shiny, slick-smooth finish. The underwater light Will magnify small Objects and small flaws on the pool surface making them appear many times larger and may also give the surface a wavy effect. This is normal in ALL hand troweled surfaces. Your pool is plastered With raw materials and will not be totally white, Plaster is a cement product and some normal characteristics are inherent in the materials. Therefore, it is not unusual to have small black. gold. brown or Other colored necks throughout the interior finish. There is no reason to be concerned as these flecks are normal and do not affect the durability Of the plaster. The pool interior may look blotchy or streaked for a period Of time, but this is normal as it is part of the curing process of the plaster. It may take several months for the plaster to cure to a fairly even shade of color orwhiteness. Understand that stains and discoloration are largely due to water conditions. chemical imbalance, and weather conditions. BND Pool Renovations Will not be responsible for debris or other foreign material coming in contact With the plaster after we leave yourpool site. It is imperative that you give your pool rnaximum care and maintenance.

Quartz Plaster 7 Years
White Plaster 5 Years


Add Color-Gray, Black
or Tan…
1 Year
Blue 1 Year
Tahoe Blue 1 Year
Island Pebble 10 Years
Black or Granite Pebble 10 Years

Quartz Plaster White Plaster… Add Color-Cray. or Tan…. Blue Tahoe Blue Black 7 years 5 years 1 year 1 year 1 year Island Pebble Black or Granite Pebble…. 10 years 10 years Swimming pool plaster is a cement product and certain characteristics are inherent in the materials. The plaster is subject to stains, discoloration, checking (hairline cracks) and degrees Of whiteness or uniformity Of color Which are NOT covered by warranty or guarantees. Stains and discolorations are largely due to water conditions, chemical imbalance Or weather conditions. BND Pool Renovationswill not be responsible for debris or foreign objects coming in C:ontact with your pool surface after we leave your job site. In the event YOU drain your pool without first obtaining the express written consent of BND pool Renovations, any and all warranties or guarantees are void.


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